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Health & Addiction

  • The number of emergency room visits have risen sharply across the United States and doubled in one year in Colorado among out-of-state tourists related to marijuana use. 1
  • Frequent use of marijuana is linked with other illicit drug use, suicide attempts and depression.2
  • Your biology can account for almost half of your vulnerability to addiction.3
  • There is no one determining factor that can predict drug abuse or addiction. 4
  • Fatal car crashes that involved marijuana tripled in the last ten years. 5
  • The psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant, THC, can alter the brain leading to short-term memory loss, decreased motivation, poor attention and judgment, loss of coordination, depression and psychotic episodes.6
  • Youth marijuana use could lead to multiple addictive behaviors into adulthood. 7
  • Regular marijuana use (50 times or more a year) is strongly related to the onset of other illicit drug use. 8
  • 10% of people who try marijuana become addicted and that number increases up to 50% among daily users.9
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