• Colorado missed its projections for increased tax revenue by 42% and still has not built one new school with marijuana tax proceeds.1
  • Even if we don’t have long-term studies available yet on risks of marijuana smoke, it is a known lung and throat irritant, just like tobacco smoke. And, for every dollar of revenue in tobacco sales, there is a socioeconomic cost of $9, or over $300 billion per year. 2
  • The push to legalize recreational marijuana is not a grassroots effort by Nevadans – it’s being funded by a small group of billionaires who have bankrolled efforts in other states.3
  • Many marijuana supporters say “regulate marijuana like alcohol,” but in 2010, the cost of excessive alcohol use to U.S. taxpayers paid $249 billion. This was due to lost workplace productivity, healthcare costs, criminal justice expenses and motor vehicle crashes.4
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